Terms of Service

Thank you for visiting our Terms of Service page!  We encourage you to read the info links prior to purchasing with us for a better experience.  We strive to manage and exceed expectations.

Basic FAQ

Do you warranty your products and shipping process?

Yes!  We want you to be really happy with your purchase, and with your visit to our site.  So we use high quality papers, canvasses, "blanks" and inks in our products that will give you the assurance that your money is well spent.

For more details, please visit the Product Warranties page at the link above.

We work hard to make sure your products are shipped to you in a manner that is cost-effective and convenient for you.  If your products are damaged or lost in transit, we will work with you to find or replace them quickly.  While we don't have control over the shipping carrier's actions, we still want your store-to-door experience with us to be good.  

For more details, please visit the Shipping & Handling page at the link above.

Do I need an account to purchase from you?

No, you do not.  But we hope you'll create one so that you can track your purchase and make any problems easier to resolve.  It also helps us to cut down on fraud for you and for us.  Having an account adds an extra layer of privacy protection so that hackers and thieves have a harder time stealing your identity and information, or creating false orders that cost time and money to resolve.

We hope to earn your trust and your return business.  If you think we could do better, please let us know at:  Info.ChristIllustrated@yahoo.com.

For more details, please visit the Your Privacy page at the link above.

Is my sensitive information protected?

Yes! We use BigCommerce as our software vendor for all transactions because of their dedication to information security. BigCommerce uses a 256-bit encryption SSL shared certificate. This way when customers order, they will see the padlock on their browser and know their order is secured. Each server is is behind the state of the art firewall with real-time monitoring, including an IDS (Intrusion Detection System). The BigCommerce code base is routinely audited by the top of the line IBM security software in addition to being PCI/DSS compliant.

For more details, please visit the Your Privacy page at the link above.

Do you do custom print sizes?

Custom canvas sizes depends on several factors:

  1. If the image can be re-sized to aesthetically fit the desired area
  2. If stretcher bars can be altered to fit the frame/area.  Our stretcher bars are ordered pre-assembled, so a custom stretch means custom alterations. 
  3. If the size can be created on the canvas sizes we have in-stock.

We can do custom sized prints to fit a specific, non-standard frame, or a large display space. Typically we do not do custom prints for anything under 18x24 inches.  Please feel free to email us the dimensions and we’ll see if we can accommodate you.  Custom sizes will come with custom quotes, which are determined by the amount of alteration to the image and/or stretcher bars.

Metal and posters custom sizes are possible, just let us know what you're looking for and we'll see if we can accommodate your request.

You can email for a quote at info.ChristIllustrated@yahoo.com

Please put “Custom Canvas Quote” in the subject line.