SOS Radio

Ministry Code:  SOS



SOS Radio is a non-profit, commercial free radio station serving the Las Vegas, NV Community.   They play Adult Contemporary Christian Rock and Pop music, plus serve their community through a series of podcasts, blogs and events.

SOS stands for “Sounds of the Spirit.” They currently reach 9 states through their growing network, and include shows from local producers as well as well-known speakers such as Chuck Swindoll and Focus on the Family.

“SOS Radio is a community of people connecting with God and connecting with each other. We exist to encourage people in our local communities and point them toward hope in a wild & crazy world. The heart of SOS is to serve our local community in tangible and practical ways. We exist to point people toward God and encourage them in their growth to follow the teachings of Jesus. We believe the local church is the hope of the world and we love serving with you to tackle social needs on our cities! We hope our music and conversation inspire you spiritually!”