Posted by Beth Vickers on Oct 21st 2019

I know. It’s not even Halloween yet. But this is the time when people are still thinking about planning for it – and aren’t all caught up in the rush and crush of it just yet. So it’s a good time … read more

On Truckers, Trailblazers and Tithing

Posted by Beth Vickers on Oct 21st 2019

My father was a truck driver. An independent Owner/Operator. To say he was rough around the edges is well… the proverbial understatement. He worked six days a week to keep food on the table and … read more

So... about the people we quote.

Posted by Beth Vickers on Sep 19th 2019

So… about the people we quote.As you sort through our products, you’ll notice that we quote a lot of people from different times and places, who have different reputations in the faith. Some are Ca … read more

Why Christ Illustrated?

Posted by Beth Vickers on Jul 24th 2019

Why Christ Illustrated?I love being a woman. I do. I have absolutely no confusion on this. My first life-changing role model was Sarah Connor in The Terminator. She went from Idiot to Crusader … read more