Night Light International

Ministry Code:  NTLIGHT



Night Light International rescues victims of sex trafficking in Bangkok, Thailand, as well as in North America. They teach these victims about the love of Christ, minister to them to heal their brokenness and shame, and teach them skills in jewelry design so that they have an economic option and a path to self-sufficiency.

“We are passionate about serving those who have been forgotten, those who have been overlooked, and those who might normally seem too difficult. Rather than shrinking back from the challenges, our heart is for any victim of sex trafficking or exploitation that crosses our path.

We believe strongly in holistic restoration, recognizing that the issues are complex and that true transformation and healing come with time and attention to the whole person, their family, and their community. Holistic restoration addresses the spiritual, emotional, physical, economic, social, familial needs, and the many complex pressures that contribute to a person's situation.”