Living Words - P. Rio

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“Living Word”

Original art by: Paul Rio

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The goal of this piece was to create a portrait of Yeshua that addresses 5 key areas.  First, His fulfillment of a new and everlasting covenant to the people of Israel, and also to the world.  Second, Y’shua’s relationship as a Bridegroom to Israel and all believers as His bride and how that pertains to Last Days eschatology.  Third, the Feast Days ordinances given to Moses and how it is a shadow of actual fulfillment in the events of Y’shua’s life, crucifixion, death, resurrection, and ascension. And not only through past events but also how the Feast Days play a major role in last days events.  Fourth, Y’shua’s fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies pertaining to the coming Messiah. It is said that Yeshua fulfilled over 300 prophecies of a coming Savior, Messianic figure, and Redeemer. I began to look at each prophecy meticulously to choose which I should pick to add to this piece. What I added does not do justice, but they are the most obvious verses pertaining to a coming Messiah.  And Fifth, the divinity of Y’shua. A man can be a brother, friend, father, and son at the same time. Our Savior is the same. The scriptures that I have chosen describe Yeshua as the Arm of the Lord, the Angel of the Lord, the Son of God, the Word made flesh, the embodiment of the Torah, the prophesied Messiah, the Redeemer, and the Image of our invisible God.

12x18” Poster. Printed are printed on 80 lb. gloss paper print with 1/4" white border from print process. Fits into any standard U.S. frame of appropriate size. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.