Indigenous Messengers International

Ministry Code:  MESSENGER



In the years that we have been traveling, it has been our commitment to build lasting relationships within the Body of Messiah. We urgently believe the time has arrived for the majority culture church (Euro-American) and Native american ministries to form Kingdom partnerships. Sometimes this task is not easy.

Our message of reconciliation begins with and our most important focus is reconciliation between man/woman and God through the Messiah. We use the word of God as our instructional tool along with the study of ancient Hebrew language and the Spirit of the Lord for interpretation.

Our secondary message of reconciliation includes multi-cultures, genders, the arts, healing the land, protocol, and Israel. Some of these important issues aren't on the horizons of many church agendas yet. These are, however, issues that must be addressed for bridges to be built in these crucial days.

“Allie’s Wells” Project

Many people are digging wells in Africa and Third World Countries and we honor that. Instead, our target would be to help people in the U.S.A. that still lack access to clean water, with an emphasis on the thirteen percent of Native American families that lack access.