Good TV

Ministry Code:  GOODTV



In 1998, a group of Taiwanese Christians and church leaders received a vision from God to establish a Christian TV channel ─ GOOD TV, and God called a dedicated group of Chinese Christian media professionals to this ministry to start the first Chinese Christian TV network in the world. By God’s providence and miraculous guidance, GOOD TV has grown and expanded into a global multimedia platform for the gospel reaching Chinese people around the world, relying solely on donations.

As their CEO says, “In the West, salvation is a matter of “choice,” but for most Chinese people, it is a matter of “chance.” GOOD TV’s vision is to be that “chance” encounter for Chinese people who have never heard the gospel before.”

GoodTV broadcasts in Chinese communities around the world. As a completely digital platform, they are able to reach more than 1.4 million people from over 180 countries as they strive to reach Chinese people who have never heard the gospel before. By providing family programs to every age group, as well as family training, counseling and prayer hotlines, they are a source of hope in a time of need to people who may not have assistance or support in their communities.

They are regularly recognized, nominated and awarded for their work as a ministry and family content provider worldwide.