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ChristIllustrated.com is the home of Christian artists whose work illustrates aspects of faith that enrich our understanding of, and relationship with, the Father God.   We are a small family business.  Our goal is to find and promote artists and filmmakers who use their skills to create beautiful and innovative art that represents Biblical truths. 

Our products are designed to bring beauty and insight into your homes, while supporting these talented artists and vendors who have come together to honor God with excellence.  

Your purchases support these artists and craftsmen.  All items are made-to-order, directly shipped from craftsmen and businesses around the U.S.  


Introducing:  Short Film Theater

For your entertainment, we have worked with a series of independent, Christian filmmakers to create, "Short Film Theater,"  a half-hour entertainment show that features faith-based short films for your enjoyment.  Each week you can watch comedies, dramas and daring films from around the world.

      UpliftTV (Channel 379 on DirecTV)              Saturdays at 11:30pm EST                    Sundays at 6:00pm EST

Look for us on the online channel -  www.Parables.TV - starting Sunday, April 3rd at 4:30pm EST.  




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Accessories, clothing and canvas prints.

Short Film Theater

Welcome to Short film Theater!